Deva Premal & Miten's 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey has seen over 200,000 people in 204 countries explore the transformative power of a daily mantra practice. This beautiful program, featuring 21 specially selected mantras with guided meditations by Deva & Miten into their meaning and essential energetic properties, is now available for purchase as an mp3 download.

These 15 minute sessions will support you in beginning, or continuing, a daily mantra meditation practice. Chanting these ancient sound formulas carries us into a state of deep inner peace and well being:

• The mantras revitalize us on a physical, cellular level - as we chant, the throat (5th chakra) naturally opens and our breathing relaxes, activating a healing wave of prana (life energy). 

• As mantra practice deepens, we move beyond our usual boundaries, losing our sense of separation, and opening to self-acceptance, compassion towards ourselves and others, and a deeper connection to our life's purpose. 

You can purchase the Mantra Meditation Journey here.