Deva Premal & Miten

If you ever took a Yoga class or experimented with any kind of alternative stress related therapy, from detox to dynamic meditation, from pilates to acupuncture, chances are you will have heard the music of Deva Premal and Miten.

The music of this extraordinary couple has become the soundtrack for just about every 21st. century alternative healing modality around. As a result, their albums top all New Age/Alternative charts worldwide with sales of millions.

Their annual world tours, from Moscow to Madrid, from Berlin to Boston, from London to Ljubljana (25 countries per year), attract hundreds of thousands of devotees.

Their 'fans' - people who have wandered through the darker and more foreboding landscapes of this modern existence, include not only such diverse luminaries as Hollywood icon, Cher, life coach and motivational guru Tony Robbins, best selling spiritual author Eckhart Tolle, but also professionals, such as teachers of autistic children, hospice care-takers, mid-wives, and even - or maybe, especially - Iraqi war veterans and 911 firefighters. All have found solace - and support - in their powerful mantras.

Even HH Dalai Lama has sung their praises after inviting them to play for him at a private audience.

In a world gone crazy, Deva and Miten's chilled out Sanskrit chants offer something of a musical balm to calm the nerves and nourish the tortured spirit. This authentic and honest expression of love and commitment to a spiritual path sets them apart from their musical contemporaries...

“...We see ourselves more as flame carriers of a 5,000 year old tradition than emotion-based musicians. The music we make is born out of a committed spiritual practice. We meditate - we investigate - and our music is a result of that experience. It's more a case of life and death than entertainment...!"

Deva Premal & Miten began their journey into love & music in 1990 when they met at an ashram in India while studying meditation. Their worldwide concerts and best-selling albums have introduced millions to the joy and deep relaxation found in chanting mantras.

NOVEMBER 4, 2013