Doron Libshtein

As a Mentor and Entrepreneur, Doron Libshtein serves as Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mentors Channel, an international platform that brings world renowned Mentors to improve your well being using meditations and other tools, at any time and from any place using the internet.

Based in Israel, Doron served as Chairman of the leading Israeli Internet Portal Tapuz for six years. He traded on the TASE and acted as director in other public traded companies such as Maayan Ventures, CET and more. Prior to that Doron served as a top executive at Microsoft for 14 years , and was the founder and CEO of MSN Israel.
He holds an MBA from Heriote Watt University.

“Back in 2004 my vision was to bring the personal growth to the masses, I felt that 14 years in senior positions at Microsoft prepared me to bring the technology and infrastructure that allows people to improve their wellbeing anywhere, anytime and on any device!” Doron states.

“I have the privilege to work with the best mentors in the world and I am full of gratitude for that. I also have the privilege of working with an amazing team that works day and night improving the lives of millions - we inspire people to walk their true path. We develop together with our mentors products for the web, mobile, tablets and soon Smart TV.
Our premium model allows people to enjoy our products free of charge and whoever is interested can also purchase them.”

NOVEMBER 4, 2013