With 22 extraordinary videos by acclaimed filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, deeply immerse yourself into an experience of breath-taking wonderment. Delve into the beauty of these mesmerizing images of nature, transporting you to a true moment of profound Gratitude.
•  21 dazzling HD quality short films of Gratitude in nature with UNLIMITED lifetime access (for PC/MAC)      
•  Daily inspirational thoughts on Gratitude and its effect on all areas of your life
•  Invaluable golden nuggets from 22 renowned Thought Leaders
•  A daily moment to connect within
Thank you for participating in the 21 Days of Gratitude!
The 21 Days of Gratitude Online Program saw over 200,000 people in 204 countries explore the transformative power of a daily meditation practice. This beautiful program presented by Louie Schwartzberg, featuring 21 specially selected mentors with guided meditations has come to an end but it is now available for purchase as an on demand premium video access or mp3 download.
Deva Premal Miten Don Miguel Ruiz Panache Desai Carolyn Woo Deborah King Paul Stamets Nissim Amon Janet Bray Attwood Troy Carter Craig Hamilton Claire Zammit Baskaran Pillai Tim Kelley Mark Whitwell Pierre Ferrari Pamela Peeke Prudence Hall Russell Bishop Kenny Ausubel John Perkins Scott James Doron Libshtein Kyle Widner
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2 Ways to Immerse yourself in breath-taking wonderment
*  Should you want to wait on these incredible offers, you can still enjoy the 21 audios, beautiful slideshows and 4 videos presented on the 21 Days of Gratitude, as promised.
+ With the purchase of your 30 day on demand access, you’ll receive a coupon code, redeemable to pay just the difference when you upgrade to a premium package. This gives you lifetime ownership to all the breathtaking videos and audio tracks that lift your spirits and transport you within. In this way, you can live your entire life through the lens of gratitude. ($49.95)
"Louie has created works of art that deeply penetrate our psyche and resonate with our connection to nature."
~ Huffington Post

"Magnificent miracle of cinematography and mesmerizing in every way. Completely entertaining and I found it slightly arousing...I was wondering if you knew where there was a flower shop open?" 
~ Jim Carrey

"Breathtaking visuals. Will open your eyes to the majestic beauty and mystery of nature, both exotic and familiar.
~ Entertainment Weekly